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Develon DX245NHD-7


Lift your business to the next level with the next generation DX245NHD-7 and DX235LC-7 Develon excavators. Exceptionally powerful, yet environmentally-friendly, the DX245NHD-7 and DX235LC-7 excavators are designed for the toughest applications.

The DX245NHD-7 is designed for the most severe applications. Chains, rollers, sprocket, shoes and the chassis itself are oversized to increase lifetime in the most abrasive applications. In addition, this model has only 2.54 m transportation width to meet transport regulations and state-of-the-art bucket and arm digging forces. Delivers higher productivity and reduced fuel consumption in an efficient and comfortable work environment.


Maximum power
173 hp
Operating weight
25.100 kg
Bucket capacity
1.3 m3
Emission standard
Stage V
Develon DL06V
Number of cylinders
Engine power
129 kW / 173 hp @ 1800 rpm
Bucket capacity
0.81 – 1.05 m³
Arm length
2400 – 2800 mm
Boom lenght
5700 – 5850 mm
BUCKET (Normal/Press. Up)
15.6 - 16.5 t
ARM (Normal/Press. Up)
10.9 - 13.4 t
Main pumps max flow
2 × 210.6 l/min

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